Features and Benefits

  • PCCC objects for Rockwell Automation networks supported
  • ProCOM provides a virtual serial port for multiple DF1 and EtherNet/IP device communication
  • 8 simultaneous EtherNet/IP clients with up to 16 simultane ous requests per client
  • Serial redirector function provided
  • Embedded EtherNet/IP and DF1 protocol analyzer
  • Redundant dual DC power inputs
  • Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring


MGate™ EIP3000 series products provide 1 or 2-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP protocol conversion for users who need to connect Allen Bradley PLCs to an EtherNet/IP network, and provide a cost-effective way to combine PLC and SCADA software into the same system.

Protocol Conversion between DF1 and EtherNet/IP

MGate™ EIP3000 series products can be used to connect DF1 devices and EtherNet/IP devices to provide Allen Bradley PLCs with remote maintenance capability. By supporting PCCC objects on CIP, the MGate™ EIP3000 can communicate seamlessly with Rockwell Ethernet devices. The EIP3000 protocol gateways come with either 1 or 2 serial ports to allow users to select a suitable gateway depending on the size of the network.

Support for Multiple EtherNet/IP Connections

The MGate™ EIP3000 series products support up to 8 EtherNet/IP clients and 8 EtherNet/IP servers simultaneously. Each client can send up to 16 requests at one time.

Windows Utility for Easy Setup and Traffic Monitoring

Moxa provides a user-friendly Windows utility with multiple language support for use with all of our MGate™ products. The utility also supports a traffic monitoring function for EtherNet/IP and DF1 protocols.

Serial Redirector Function Provided

The MGate™ EIP3000 series products have a serial redirector function that allows additional options for DF1 network integration. The serial redirector function allows the commands of a serial master (command initiator) to be redirected to the serial slave (command executor) on another port. In addition, a serial master can operate simultaneously with EtherNet/IP Clients or other serial masters without altering the DF1 architecture or software. Using the serial redirector function, EIP3000 gateways can establish redundant backup control or EtherNet monitoring of DF1 networks that were originally designed for a single serial master.

ProCOMVirtual Serial Port for Multiple DF1 and EtherNet/IP Device Communication

Each MGate™ EIP3000 gateway supports a virtual serial port. A remote PC uses a Moxa-provided Real COM or TTY driver to connect to the EIP3000's virtual serial port. RSLinx and SCADA systems can use the virtual COM port to communicate with an EIP3000 gateway. The virtual serial port function gives RSLinux or some SCADA systes the capability to connect to multiple DF1 and EtherNet/IP devices through a protocol gateway.

Pull high/low Resistors and Terminator Selection

When using termination resistors to prevent serial signal reflection, it is important to set the pull high/low resistors correctly so that the electrical signal is not corrupted. Since no set of resistor values is universally compatible with all environments, the EIP3000 has DIP switches on the bottom panel for setting the termination and pull high/low resistor values.

Built-in Isolation

Complex device networks that incorporate high amperage devices could be subject to electrical signal distortion from electrical discharges, magnetic noise, or common mode transients. MGate™ series products solve this problem by using built-in optical isolation.


MGate EIP3170
1-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway, 0 to 55°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 120 400 Ft
Bruttó ár: 152 908 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3170-T
1-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway, -40 to 75°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 156 600 Ft
Bruttó ár: 198 882 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3170I
1-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway with 2 KV isolation, 0 to 55°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 138 300 Ft
Bruttó ár: 175 641 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3170I-T
1-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway with 2 KV isolation, -40 to 75°C operating Temperature
Lista ár: 181 300 Ft
Bruttó ár: 230 251 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3270
2-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway, 0 to 55°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 198 900 Ft
Bruttó ár: 252 603 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3270-T
2-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway, -40 to 75°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 258 700 Ft
Bruttó ár: 328 549 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet
MGate EIP3270I
2-port DF1 to EtherNet/IP gateway with 2 KV isolation, 0 to 55°C operating temperature
Lista ár: 239 200 Ft
Bruttó ár: 303 784 Ft
Nincs raktárkészlet