Manufacturing Automation

Automation has kept manufacturers competitive in a global marketplace, but it can be difficult to achieve reliable communication amongst the specialized devices and protocols. With the help of Moxa products, manufacturers all over the world have been able to connect legacy equipment to modern control systems, monitor harsh environmental conditions at production facilities in real-time, and seamlessly convert between proprietary and open device protocols.

Integrated Testing Equipment for Global Positioning Systems

Moxa Ethernet Switches Connect Soft Drink Bottling Production Lines

Intelligent temperature monitoring alarm and shutdown control for a pumping system

Suzuki Automobile Plant Uses Ethernet Solution to Integrate Assembly and Painting Operations

Quality Inspection for TFT-LCD Manufacturing

Semiconductor foundry uses embedded computers to reconstruct factory automation

Flexible Manufacturing System

UC-7420 facilitates protocol conversion for semiconductor manufacturing process

Multi-function manufacturing control system

Filling and packaging industry leader using Moxa Ethernet switches in machines

Safe monitoring and management system for the petrochemical industry

Reliable Ethernet based coal mining monitoring system

IC foundry chooses Moxa solutions for safety monitoring

CNC control system networking solution

Textile manufacturing system

Wafer manufacturing system

Optimized manufacturing with networked DCS system at naphtha cracking plant

Moxa Ethernet switches simplify printing machine development and service

High reliability for TFT-LCD factory gas monitoring system

China steel mill upgrades monitoring and control capabilities