Devices in the world of transportation need to communicate with each other at real-time speeds over great distances, and often experience harsh environmental conditions. Moxa products help transportation devices communicate with each other, and have been used to help monitor tunnel and highway conditions, transmit signals in subway systems, and form the backbone network for intelligent transportation systems.

Case Studies

Automated Harbor Cranes

Creating Intelligent Traffic Management Systems with Industrial Serial-to-Fiber Converters

Using Moxa Ethernet Switches with Vessel Instrument Networks

Using Embedded Computers to Manage Information Display Systems at Bus Stops

Serial-to-Fiber Converters for Ventilation Control Systems in Tunnels

Gigabit Ethernet Switches for Airport Security Monitoring

Shanghai Metro Remote Monitoring Network

Using a Redundant Ethernet Network to Realize Safe Railway Transport

Serial-to-fiber converters in tunnel communication systems

CBTC System

Using Embedded Computers to Integrate Railway Systems

Changeable Message Sign Application

Embedded Computers for Campus Traffic Control System Using Solar Power

3G Connectivity for VMS Networks

Onboard WiFi for Trains

Railroad Station Monitoring System

Utility Monitoring System for an Airport Terminal

Using embedded computers as the central controller in an AFC system

Real-time Status Updates for Mass Rapid Transit Systems

Speed Detection System Uses Moxa Video Encoder to Catch Speeders

Integrated Remote Control and Security System for Italian Subway

Real-time Networked Sonar System for Ships

Integrated Information and Control System for Taiwan Freeway

Ethernet Switches Make Integrated eTicketing System for Trams and Buses More Efficient

Traffic gate control system for major tunnel project

Advanced control and monitoring system for highway tunnel

e-Ticketing system uses rugged Ethernet solution to handle huge transactions

Environmental control system for Taiwan high speed railway

Signal control system for Tianjin subway

Ethernet integrated battleship command

Telecommunication remote control maintenance

Proximal monitoring of vehicles

The automatic monitoring and control of traffic

The automatic monitoring and control of bridge lighting

Truck loading system

Active Ethernet IO server makes automated parking more efficient

Baifeng tunnel monitoring system

Signal control system for subway No 1