Moxa V2101 Sets New Record in Wide Operating Temperature

Release Date : 2010-5-25

Typical industrial standards call for an operating temperature range of 0 to 40°C. Although these standards are far more rugged than those for common consumer products, industrial computers require higher quality construction to ensure ample protection from the elements in harsh environments, as well as a solid thermal design for system reliability.


Moxa recently launched the V2101, an x86-based Intel Atom 1.1 GHz embedded computer. The V2101 supports a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C, which is currently the widest operating temperature range of all x86-based embedded systems on the market. Moxa had to overcome many obstacles and challenges to achieve this accomplishment, which was no easy feat.


Moxa has received a wealth of feedback and interest in how the V2101 was able to surpass the existing record. To discover the secrets behind Moxa's record-setting wide operating temperature for embedded computers, check out the System Thermal Solution in Moxa Embedded Computer flash presentation or visit for more details.


This flash covers:
1. What is thermal?
2. Why do we need thermal design?
3. Thermal concept
  At the component level
  At the system level
4. V2101 product design
  Component selection
  PCB placement
5. Small form factor design
  Space design
  Conduction direction
  Heat sink design
6. Thermal testing and quality control

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