Moxa Delivers Absolutely Reliable WLAN Solutions for Crane Automation Markets

Release Date : 2010-2-12

Taipei, Taiwan, Feb. 12, 2010 — Moxa is pleased to introduce a series of dual RF AP/bridge/client devices, the AWK-5222 and AWK-6222, for crane and heavy industry automation. Many crane and heavy industry applications, such as steel refineries, mines, and shipyards, face growing operational and maintenance costs due to cable installation and maintenance, lost productivity from unreliability, and obsolete systems. Moxa’s industrial WLAN products are packed with features designed specifically for industry, including dual RFs for wireless redundancy, fast roaming for seamless mobility, and interference-free design for zero data loss, that guarantee absolutely reliable WLAN connections and operate at the highest levels of efficiency, productivity and safety.


In addition to interoperability with new and legacy crane control systems, AWK series products are designed with multiple redundancy features, including wireless, Ethernet, and power redundancy, which enable highly available networks. Production safety is ensured through QoS over WLAN to prioritize time-sensitive traffic, up to 25 Mbps data throughput, and real time access for emergency control. Heavy industrial facilities are highly mobile environments with harsh RF interference, so Moxa’s innovative roaming technology offers seamless handovers and mobility between APs and interference-proof features to minimize signal errors or loss. Metal housing, level 3 EMS, and the versatility of two bands, 2.4 and 5 GHz, round out the resilient package.


Most cranes operate in challenging environments exposed to dirt, humidity, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Moxa’s WLAN products are IP68 rated and verified to operate over a large temperature range to overcome environmental challenges.
To see how Moxa’s AWK products can improve the reliability, productivity, and efficiency of heavy industry or crane applications, visit

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